Succession Planning

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Succession Planning

Are you looking towards retirement or planning a change of career? Our expertise can assist you in this important phase of your life.

With our experience we can help you assess and evaluate the many different options including succession planning, trade sale or management buy-out. Our independence allows us to be objective and professional in a process that is potentially emotional and stressful for all the stakeholders in involved.

Some of the areas we will help you to consider include timing and manner, training, required abilities and attributes of your replacement, inheritance, cultural, communication and staffing issues and future business development.

Financial & Management Reporting

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Our training and experience enables us to:

  • > prepare statutory reports in accordance with the various corporation and superannuation legislative requirements

  • > assess your management reporting systems and advise where your systems can be improved so that you can better manage and grow your business

  • > recommend key performance indicators (KPI) that you should be monitoring within your business and against your competitors.

Investment Evaluation


Evaluating Investments

For the financially sophisticated, we are able to provide sound investment advice, no matter what your stage of life.

Whether you want to buy into an existing business or expand what you already have, we are able to help you look at the costs and benefits of doing so.

We can evaluate capital expenditure or staff employment decisions and review proposed geographical or cross-industry expansion plans, including vertical integration with either your suppliers or customers.

Business Consultancy



Due to our extensive business experience, we are able to advise you on how to:

  • > Prepare a realistic business plan

  • > Implement the business plan

  • > Develop and grow your business

  • > Improve and monitor the profitability and cash flow of your business

  • > Improve your ROI (return on your investments)

  • > Assess and evaluate your IT and other business systems

Tax On Superannuation


Superannuation Tax

Superannuation may be taxed at up to three points, depending on the circumstances: at the point of contribution to a fund, on investment income and at the time benefits are received. A superannuation guarantee charge may also be payable by employers if contributions are not made by the requisite date.

Our superannuation tax expertise covers:

  • > Superannuation guarantee charges

  • > Meaning of employer and employee

  • > Determination of salary and wages

  • > Minimum superannuation support

  • > Calculation of notional earnings base

  • > Individual employee’s shortfall

Payroll Tax


Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a tax levied by the state on the wages paid by employers. It is calculated on the amount of wages you pay each month. If your total Australian wages exceed the exemption threshold that applies in your state or territory, you are required to pay payroll tax.

Our payroll tax expertise covers:

  • > Liability

  • > Registration and grouping provisions

  • > Determination of “wages” for payroll tax

  • > Exempt payments

  • > Treatment of allowances

  • > Fringe benefits, including motor vehicles

  • > Payments to contractors

Land Tax


Land Tax

This is an annual state tax based on the ownership of land and, in some states, on the usage of land. Land tax is levied on the total unimproved value of the land at a specified date. The land tax rates and thresholds vary amongst the states and over time.

Our land tax expertise covers:

  • > Liability

  • > Exemptions

  • > Assessments and objections

Fringe Benefits Tax



Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is a tax payable by employers for benefits paid to an employee. FBT is separate from income tax and is based on the taxable value of the benefits provided. If your business provides fringe benefits to employees then you need to comply with the FBT system.

Our FBT expertise covers:

  • > Cars, car parking and re-imbursements

  • > Loans and debt waiver benefits

  • > Entertainment benefits

  • > Expense payments

  • > Housing benefits

  • > Living away from home benefits

  • > Property benefits

  • > Exemptions